Being healthy isn’t about being perfect.
You can have your cake…and your veggies too

Livewire Nutrition is all about having fun. Being healthy is not about being boring. Being healthy is about nourishing your body with delicious foods that work for you. It’s about getting excited about your inner foodie, trying new things and letting go of foods that don’t serve you.

I’m your Sunshine Coast Nutritionist. Our nutrition programs and packages can help you navigate the balance of tasty, easy to prepare delicious meals. We won’t send you off to the Himalaya’s to find ingredients…although maybe just the salt!

We’re passionate about having the energy and vitality to live your best life and not letting your heath hold you back.

Good health starts from the inside.

Healthy Families Happy Families Program

Programs and Packages

Your health concerns didn’t appear over night, so they are unlikely to be resolved in a single appointment. To give you the best results, we have created packages just for you, to give you the support and accountability you need to stay on track to make the changes you need. Commitment, implementation and action will get you the results you deserve.

Happy Families  – to get the whole family on board

7 Day Reset Package – need a quick boost to get you back on track?

Female Hormones – are you exhausted and off kilter? This one’s for you

More on Healthy Nutrition Programs
Food Sensitivity Bio-compatibility Hair Analysis Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Hair Analysis Testing looks at over 500 common Australian foods and household products to find out what is compatible with your body. The results of this non invasive food sensitivity testing may just be the missing link in uncovering the causes of your health concerns.  Learn more about food sensitivity testing here.

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Happy Families Consultation

Nutrition Appointments

Livewire Nutrition makes it easy to schedule your next appointment. Book online for our Clinic appointments at  Peregian Beach and Warana.  Not on the Sunny Coast or our clinic hours don’t suit? No worries, we’ve got you covered via a Skype appointment.

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