Qualified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Author & Public Speaker

Being healthy is not about being boring. Being healthy is about nourishing your body with delicious foods that work for your body. It’s about getting excited about your inner foodie, trying new things and letting go of foods that don’t serve you.

I look forward to helping you on your journey.

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My story begins…

Healthy Food Is Horrible?!?

Well this is what my Insta Bio said for goodness knows how long (Thanks Kids!)

I’m Kylie Pinwill and I’m a Qualified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Author & Public Speaker. I work with overwhelmed and exhausted Mums, just like you, helping them get healthy meals on the table and to tempt their fussy eaters.

I’ve a big passion for delicious food that ticks all the healthy boxes. I’m always taking shortcuts with cooking, have countless recipe books for “display purposes” only (because some of the ingredients lists send my head into a spin) and am also feeding fusspots who are happy to declare my food as “Yuck”.

My Why…

Once upon a time, in a lifetime long ago (before my own kids), I was an eager beaver personal trainer who ran specialised exercise programs for “identified” overweight kids and teenagers. So many of them turned up after school via the shops, with family size bags of chips, large Cokes and finger buns. Every. Single.Day

It was heart breaking to work with these kids. No amount f running and moving was going to put a dent in the empty calories from the rubbish they’d eaten. The reason these kids were “identified” was not that there was anything wrong with them – it was that they were eating rubbish and consequently putting on weight!

One and one equals two, right?

These kids were your normal cheeky, full of fun ratbags. Vulnerable ratbags as they often shared stories of being teased. I saw not just the physical impact being overweight had on these kids, but also the emotional and social consequences, which is where the real heartbreak was.

Before I became a Mum, I struggled to see how this could happen to kids.

After having my own kids and falling victim to the rituals we develop as parents when we are time poor, have fussy eaters and kids that plan and simply refuse to eat, I started to see how quickly these poor dietary habits develop and how quickly the consequences set in.

Back then, I longed for some structure and guidance around how to change the path for these kids. I never found the answer, instead I found the inspiration to help as many families as I could, teaching and supporting parents to make eating healthier as easy and simple as possible.

After a few more years of study, and three kids later Livewire Fitness evolved into Livewire Nutrition.