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Here you can schedule your next appointment, order a food sensitivity testing kit or organise personalised support so you can customise your active program

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I am a BIG fan of making things easy! With a simple click you can schedule in your next appointment with me. Choose from Clinic appointments at Peregian Beach and Warana or if you are not on the beautiful Sunny Coast or our clinic hours don’t suit? No worries, we’ve got you covered via our Skype appointments.

From experience taking the first step is often the hardest so if you are new to the Livewire family your first 15 minute appointment is FREE. (No excuses)

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Food Sensitivity Test with Hair Testing

Find out what triggers your symptoms

Hair Analysis Testing looks at over 500 common Australian foods and household products to find out what is compatible with your body. The results of this non invasive food sensitivity testing may just be the missing link in uncovering the causes of your health concerns.

It may surprise you what can trigger some of your underlying health concerns and how beneficial it is to remove these triggers to get you back on track.

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1-on-1 Program Support

Our programs are designed to work with you and your busy family life. You will find them easy to follow, packed with fun helpful tips and life-changing nutrition advice. I have included hundreds of time-saving hacks plus mouth-watering recipes that will change the way you eat for good.

Best of all you can always combine any of our programs with a 1-on-1 Skype or Clinic appointment with me, to pick my brains, and to help you customise your journey.

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Here’s what our clients say…

Luke, Sydney

Great advice, explained in a simple and easy to follow way.

Grant, Sunshine Coast

Great advice and genuinely cares about results and the people they work with.

Sally, Sunshine Coast

I highly recommend Kylie to anyone needing some nutritional assistance – so knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

Kerstin, Gold Coast

Kylie is real and genuine. Her passion for health and nutrition shows. I would highly recommend Kylie!

Nic, VIC

Kylie is so amazing, she has so much energy and really practises what she preaches. She is kind, understanding and incredibly professional

Melissa, Sunshine Coast

Kylie is the most caring and knowledgeable Nutritionist! Wonderful with children and families – highly recommend!