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Quinoa salad with broccoli,sweet potatoes and tomatoes

10 Fun Facts about Quinoa

Quinoa is a really versatile food. It can be cooked as a porridge for breakfast, used in a salad at lunch as as a side with curry and stew in the place of rice, pasta or mash.   Here’s 10 Fun Facts about Quinoa. 1. Pronunciation Quinoa is pronounced ‘Keen-wah’   2. Quinoa is a…

Healthy school lunches

Tips on School Canteens and Nutrition

School Canteens and Nutrition School canteens can be a minefield. For some kids, it’s an occasional treat and for others it’s where they can have up to ten meals a week. Many “healthy” canteens feature flavoured milks, fizzy juice drinks, flavoured savoury snacks, crumbed processed chicken, pizza, garlic bread, focaccia, pies, sausage rolls, packaged cookies…